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We're in the business of helping businesses succeed. Whether you're a start-up, expanding an already successful business, need support pre/post-acquisition or need assistance with restructuring we are there for you.

UMAA Associates LLC is lead by a team of Financial and Healthcare Professionals with a proven track record of successful operational and financial management, costs restructuring, receivables management in both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit settings. Finding a Consultant is easy, but finding one who will first listen to you and what you need and then make the appropriate recommendations is not that easy. Finding an Accountant/Bookkeeper is fairly simple but to find one that treats your business and assets as their own is what you need and deserve.

Our mission is to help clients attain Operational and hence Financial Success by giving them accurate and timely advice- letting them know what they need to change and the opportunities they may be missing. And at the same time give them the peace of mind of knowing that their Operations are running in compliance with rules and regulations and that their Financial Records are accurate at all times. No detail is too small for us. This requires being available to our clients when they need us and maintaining regular communications. We pride ourselves on providing these services to you in a cost-effective manner.

‘There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.’ — Sam Walton


Work with you to accomplish financial success in a cost effective manner while constantly communicating with you. Starting and running a business and making it profitable requires more than an idea, a product, a staff, a timeline, a location; it requires strategy, planning, and effective execution. The best business ideas can fail with poor execution, and poor business ideas can succeed with effective execution.

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Hiring a full time CFO may not make sense for your organization. There is another option- a part-time CFO. We customize our approach to match your wants and needs. We partner with you as an advisor to help define your goals, and develop a game plan for those strategic, financial, and business goals. We then keep you on track to achieve those business goals.

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UMAA Associates LLC is where you will find the best Accounting Services for all kinds of business- from simple to complicated. You have Government Contracts or Grants we will set up your books to make for smooth reporting and tracking. We will design and build your chart of accounts and take care of your accounting and financial needs.

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The Healthcare Industry is extremely complex and constantly changing- new technology, laws, policies, and regulations. A mistake made can result in serious injury/illness/fines and potentially loss/suspension of your license. Reimbursement rules and methodologies are constantly being changed/updated and if not prepared you can go from Profit to Loss very quickly. Our team of seasoned healthcare professionals, with a combined 75 plus years of experience, is here to help you on any and all of these issues.

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Aarti Subramanian


Aarti has over 25 years of experience in Finance and Administration in both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit settings. She has a proven track record of successful financial management, costs restructuring, receivables management. business development and developing strong relationships with key stakeholders. She has served in various capacities, such as the Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Officer, Interim CEO and head of Government Affairs and Business Development. She is a multi-talented, hands-on, executive with solid experience in the entire finance cycle, operations, regulations, planning, financial analysis and reporting. She has successfully dealt with various types of organizational change- to include change of ownership, change in types of programs being delivered, restructuring to deal with change in reimbursement and/or regulations. She has successfully been involved in starting up a hospital, turning around a hospital with collections and reimbursement issues, post acquisition cost and operational restructuring and identifying new business opportunities.

Grea Neverson-Daniels


Grea Neverson-Daniels is a Masters prepared Registered Nurse in Washington, DC. Grea has been a nurse for 20 years, leading nurses in various acute care settings and specialties throughout the DC, MD and VA area. Her career first began in Pediatric Mental services, then Maternal-Child Health, and onto hospital leadership and management- advancing in hospital administration from Nurse Manager to her last position as Chief Nursing Officer. She has extensive experience in shared governance; in particular, in the realm of quality assurance and identifying effective indicators for process improvement. Under her leadership quality indicators such as pain management, responsiveness to calls, and patient education reached acceptable percentile benchmarks. She also developed acuity staffing models based on quality outcome data which decreased both sentinel events and absenteeism. She has taught extensively throughout the hospital community developing medical-surgical and behavioral health competencies, new hire orientation, and task-force education all geared towards intent and critical thinking. Since 2017, she has owned and operated a family business under Norman C. Neverson and Associates. The company facilitates mandatory teaching for hospitality management employees. as well as analyzes infection control risk through the HACCP process. She is a graduate Georgetown University.

Carol Desjeunes

Chief Clinical Officer

Carol Desjeunes is a seasoned Healthcare Executive having served in Hospitals in both Executive Leadership and Nursing Administration roles as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer. She has successfully managed clinical and organizational management of the functions and departments in both Medical Surgical and Psychiatric Hospital settings- including quality effectiveness and continuity of patient care, as well as adherence to regulatory standards and annual reviews. Successfully developed and implemented new programs- both inpatient and outpatient.